What we want

We want a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included. Everything we do is about making this world a reality.

How we are doing it

We’re here to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and their families now, and fight alongside them for a better future. We team up with our network of over 300 local groups to reach people across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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Our objectives

  • We want to have made a significant and measurable improvement to people's attitudes towards people with a learning disability.
  • We want to have contributed to improving the quality of life for people with a learning disability.
  • We want more people with a learning disability to have stronger friendships and relationships, and be better connected to their communities.
  • We want to see an increase in the skills and understanding of healthcare professionals, so that health outcomes for people with a learning disability improve.
  • We want more children aged 0-5 with a learning disability and their families to receive the right early support.
  • We want more people with a learning disability to have real jobs in the open labour market, and for more employers to know that people with a learning disability make good workers when supported properly.
  • Through funding research and campaigning we are fighting for a better future
  • Through our projects and programmes we are trialling groundbreaking work to promote inclusion
  • Through our services we are giving people we support the life choices and freedoms they want. Right here and now.

Our services

The services we provide range from round-the-clock care to helping someone join in with local leisure activities, providing advice and information on things like employment and education, helping someone to live independently for the first time, and even things like reporting a crime to the police.

In a nutshell, we try to help in any area of a person’s life where they need support. 

Services to help you

Find out about our services and how they can support you to live the life you want to lead
Read more about Services to help you

Learning Disability Helpline

The Learning Disability Helpline is our free helpline service offering advice and support
Read more about Learning Disability Helpline

Our projects

We also run schemes, programmes and events that promote inclusion and recognise the achievements of people with a learning disability. 

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What we're campaigning about

We worked with people with a learning disability and families to produce our manifesto. It sets out six key issues we're campaigning on and the change we want to see in government and society between 2015-20.

Download resource Hear our voice manifesto
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Read our latest annual report

Find out about the work we've been doing and what our aims are looking to the future

Download PDF report
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Donate to Mencap

There are around 351,000 children (aged 0-17) with a learning disability in the UK. Without the right support from the start, many of these children will face an extremely challenging future.

Donate to Mencap today to help people with a learning disability shine.

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Network Partners

There are over 340 independent Network Partners working with us in communities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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