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Our vision 

Our vision is for the UK to be the best place in the world for people with a learning disability to live happy and healthy lives.

There is still so much to do so that people with a learning disability have the same rights as everyone else and are treated equally in society.

Mencap is going to be working in a different way to help people with a learning disability to make this happen.

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Who we will work alongside

We want to see big changes in society – and we know we cannot achieve this alone. We plan to work with other people and organisations in three ways:

  • with individuals: listening to people with a learning disability to support them to fight for their rights and to realise their hopes and dreams.
  • with communities: supporting them in any way we can to build their own capabilities to find local solutions.
  • with society: campaigning alongside people with a learning disability to make society fairer and to ensure their voices are heard.
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Our values


  • We are passionate about making the world a better place
  • We are inclusive of everyone
  • We are brave we challenge and try new things
  • We are positive in our work and with each other
  • We are kind to everyone
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Read our latest annual report

Find out about the work we've been doing and what our aims are looking to the future

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