Most people who have coronavirus (COVID-19) will be able to stay at home and start to feel better after 10 days.

Some people may get very unwell and have to go to hospital.

These easy read guides explain what may happen if you have to go to hospital:

These guides also explain what may happen when some people get very poorly with coronavirus and die. We have created information about bereavement and going to funerals to help with this.

It is very important to remember that this doesn't happen very often. Most people who have coronavirus will get better.

Your rights to healthcare

We've created this PDF guide to explain what your rights are when accessing healthcare during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you are concerned that someone's needs are not being met speak to the hospital learning disability nurse or safeguarding team.

If you need help, contact the Learning Disability Helpline.

Other resources

This PDF poster explains why health workers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) 

COVID-19 communication chart: To help patients communicate in hospital (from Widgit)

Visitor guidance (PDF) (from NHS)

Grab and Go form

The coronavirus 'Grab and Go' form (Word) has been designed by family carers and NHS England, with support from organisations like Mencap.

The form can be used as well as a hospital passport, to tell healthcare workers what they really need to know in case someone has to go to hospital with coronavirus symptoms.

The form also comes with guidance on how to fill it in as effectively as possible.

Talk to us

We know this is a difficult and unusual time. We're here to help.

If you need information or advice you can contact our helpline or if you can, have a chat on our online community

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